Zollingers in Eastern Europe

During the many years of research, we have been able to identify three most unusual Zollinger family tree branches, and so it is important that their their histories are is told. Although their pathways could not be more very different, they all have in common that they, unlike most other Zollinger emigrants, opted to go to Eastern countries, rather than choose common emigration destinations of Germany and the USA.

You will see from their histories, that for all three the decision to go East ended up not being a wise one, and each of the families in their own way suffered many hardships, but also had some remarkable successes. Two of the families can be traced back to Switzerland and are linked to the overall family tree of the Zollingers, and for both of these branches there are offspring alive today. But the history of the third family disappears in the mists of time, and it is not expected that we will ever know how they connect to the Zollinger family. Find their stories in the titles below.

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