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During the past year a number of interested Zollingers have been a great help to the Working Group in pulling together information on their own families. In doing so they spent much effort and time, and showed a great deal of dedication to complete the task. The Working Group wanted to express its thanks to these individuals, and decided to do so by presenting each of these families with a family tree booklet. Its design is a title page with classic script, a color copy of the family crest, followed by a print-out of their complete family, as well as a family tree reaching as far back as the records allow.

Out of this grew a new approach: We can now generate such family tree booklets relatively easily, and can make these available to anybody who is interested in receiving one. We will also be happy to provide extra copies for any of your relatives. To receive such a booklet, all you have to do is to make a request to Marcel Zollinger, you will find his address below and in "Contact Us". Even if you have no family information of your own, Marcel can do a search of the data base, and see what is already contained there on your family. He will then direct you to provide him with any information on your family which might still be missing. Please also note that any such information you may provide is secure in the data base, and is kept fully confidential (see "Identity Theft").

The creation of a full family tree may however need to be done in partnership. The Zollinger data bank is about 90% complete up to the year 1880. But access to more recent data has been restricted because of the new policies on data protection and the danger of identity theft. That means that for most families, information stops at their grandfather, and data on the two or three most recent generations may have to be provided by you. This means that you will have to supply the names, birth places and birth dates of your own family, which will only take a minimal effort. The several families who have done this already have found it most worthwhile, and have been thrilled with the resulting booklet.

We would love to work with you, and to provide you with your own personalized family tree booklet. Just contact Marcel Zollinger by E-Mail at and make a start.

Completed Family Tree Booklets:

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