Zollingers in European Wars

A large number of young Zollingers became mercenaries, mainly in Holland. The Swiss National Archives, as well as Archives in Holland, do have lists of all the regiments, and the Swiss mercenaries enlisted there. Unfortunately the data is limited to their names and the military units they served, and it has not been possible to ascertain their identity, and far less to pull together a history on any of these Zollinger mercenaries. So this chapter, while recognizing the service of all the Zollinger mercenaries, is for the time being limited to two of its most illustrious soldiers, who deserve a place among the Zollinger military men.

Jörg (Georg) Zollinger, Männedorf, Switzerland, 1490 - 1574

Otto Schröder - Zollinger, Hamburg, Germany, 1899 - 1980

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