How to work with the Zollinger Genealogy Group.

We are always interested to not only expand our database, but to also gain new members to work with our group and help us in our aim of expanding our Zollinger family tree data base. If you are interested, please get in touch with one of our members, by going to "How to Access Zollinger Family Information".

Become a Member

If you are already keen on genealogy, or if you would like to develop this as a hobby, then you may want to become a member of our Working Group. The requirements are simple: you will need a bit of time, patience and a computer with E-Mail. You can then do original research in libraries and government files, work on Web data bases, or contact individuals by phone, letter or E-Mail to elicit information. We will find you a niche that you are comfortable with, and that gives your work a purpose.

Provide your own Zollinger History

If you already have your own family history, we would like to add your family and the data to our computer data base. For that we need some basic information for each person: both a place and date, for birth, marriage and death. We are also interested to have a short biography, and if possible an address, at least for the key family members. We can then try to link your family to the existing data base, and may be able to show you other branches or a number of earlier ancestors, especially in Switzerland. We can then also provide you with a printout of your family tree.

Ask us for Information on your Zollinger Family

This aspect of our work has some restrictions, as the group has limited time and resources to respond to inquiries, but we will try to be as helpful as we can. In order for us to be able to do this, you will have to make a start yourself by giving us the basic information on your own immediate family, so that we have a base to carry out research for linkages to our own data base. We tend to take the approach that this is a data exchange system, where you provide us with your information, and we can then try to help you by providing further background on your extended family, sometimes as far back as 1400!

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