Profiles of Working Group Members!

Leland Zollinger has over the past fifty years slowly, meticulously and painstakingly put together a Zollinger Family tree that is second to none. Where most genealogists are only interested in their own ancestry, Leland has had a broader view which encompassed the whole Family Tree of the Zollinger name. His advancing age and his old computer have slowed him down in recent years, and so it was seen as useful to have some additional researches join him in order to continue the task. From an initial contact visit by Marcel to Hendersonville in 2000 the concept of a working group slowly emerged. This is foremost seen as a group who is able to support, expand and further advance the work which Leland has devoted his whole life to.

At present the Working Group consists of only three members, but through this Web Site it is hoped that we will find additional members to help us with our work.

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