Paul R. Zollinger

Paul is the oldest of four children and the only son of David and Mary Ann Zollinger of Stirling, Ohio. The middle name "R." stands for Rytzman, which is his mother Mary Ann's maiden name. He was born on the 1st of May 1961 and has lived all his life in Sterling, Ohio, on the same farm which his father and grandfather owned and operated before him. In 1979 he completed a two year course in farm management at the local trade school in Wayne County. He then took over the farm, but more recently has exchanged the manure shovel for a suit and tie, and works for a large car dealer in town.

Paul married a year ago, and his large family, a busy farm and his new job leave limited time for hobbies, but genealogy continues to be a passion, not just for the name Zollinger but several other names that occur in his family, among them obviously Ritzman, but also Bagman and Toiler.

Paul's contribution to Zollinger Family research has been the design and management of the initial web site, but more than anything it has been keeping in contact with the large Zollinger family in Ohio. That family goes back to Albert Zollinger * 1857 who came to America from Urdorf, Switzerland, and his numerous offspring still live mostly in Ohio, especially in Wayne county. Paul has been instrumental in organizing their family reunions, and keeping the large clan together. The Wayne County Zollingers hold their family reunion on July 4th. Leland Zollinger attended their reunions in 1995 and 1996, when he photographed the original family bible with the specific pages called: "Sonstige Wichtigere Familien Ergebnisse" (Other important family business), i.e. the birth, marriage, and death dates.

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