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This is the list of the Family History Books which Marcel has been able to locate up to 2006. He has reproduced these, making six copies, and they are available for lending out to interested genealogists.

Genealogy of the Zollinger Line VII of Oetwil,
Gustav Emil Zollinger, Zürich, Switzerland, 1960, New Edition May 2000, Ottawa, Canada
This Book traces the family tree of the author (and Marcel Zollinger) back to the Schachen Farm in Oetwil, and further back to Lautikon. The population census of 1634 had classified ten Zollinger families in Oetwil, and this particular one was given the designation Line Seven.
The History of the Zollinger, Zolliker and von Zollikon,
(from the Middle Ages to the 16th Century), Gustav Dentist Zollinger, Herzogenbuchsee, Bern, Switzerland, New Edition December 2000, Ottawa, Canada.
This is not a family history document as such, but a compendium of mentions of the Zollinger name in documents dating before about 1650. The author spent years in archives and libraries searching for the name, and then compiling all these mentions by location. As the time period ends before official population records were kept, these entries are largely signatures on official documents, records of the payment of rent, court documents of the Duke of Grüningen, and land and property transactions. As such they prove the existence of a certain person at a certain moment in history, but rarely give that person's relationships to parents or offspring. Some text is in Latin, most in the old Swiss German court language, and sometimes entries are in the vernacular of the Zürich Highlands.
The Chronicle of the Name Zollinger, Volume I and II,
Gustav Dentist Zollinger, Herzogenbuchsee, Bern, Switzerland, New Edition May 2003, Ottawa, Canada.
This second document by the same author is an extension and refinement of the initial volume, and repeats some of the information listed there. In its second part however it then traces the family of the author back to the Eichholz farm in Oetwil, then to the neighboring Schachen farm, and ultimately to Lautikon. It also contains earlier mention of the name Zollinger and von Zollikon, back to about the year 1200. The author then also included essays of the development of the various family names in the Zürich Highlands, and theories on the origin of the name Zollinger.
Correspondence Collection of Zollinger Genealogy Research
by Gustav Dentist Zollinger 1934 to 1937, Collated and Edited by Marcel Zollinger, Ottawa, Canada, January 2005.
In the files of Gustav Dentist Zollinger the present owner of these family history documents found a collection of correspondence, including photos and family trees. These were thought important enough to publish, as they contain all kinds of interesting information as well as allowing a glance into the author's own writing and thinking.
The Zollinger Chronicle, A Pathway into the Past of the Zollinger Branch of Egg,
Christoph Zollinger, Kilchberg, Zürich, Switzerland, 1976, New Edition November 2001, Ottawa, Canada.
The author decided to carry out family history research when he was a student, and he produced a book that was sold to family members to cover some of his costs. It traces the line of his own family to the village of Üssikon on the south side of Lake Greifensee, the nearby hamlet of Rällikon, and from there to the farm "Neugut". Further back the line peters out at the farm "Rain" next to Lautikon, but unfortunately he was not able to find any documentation which would have established the connection of his ancestors to the Lautikon Zollingers.
My Family Branch of the Zollinger from Zollikon near Lake Zürich,
Robert Zollinger, Unter-Engstringen, Zürich, Switzerland, 1972, New Edition May 2002, Ottawa, Canada.
Robert Zollinger was a highschool teacher who decided to document his own family background for his two children. He put major emphasis on his own parents and grandparents, and their life in Zürich as it was in their time. The book thus contains much recent family documentation, stories and pictures. But he also traces the line back to the "Brand" farm in Mönchaltorf, and from there to Rällikon and Üssikon, where his line joins the line of Christoph Zollinger (see above). Both his daughter and son emigrated to the USA, and there are few other branches of that family continuing in Switzerland.
Family Tree of the Zollinger of Grütrain, Hombrechtikon,
Vreni Zollinger-Züger, Glarus, Switzerland, 2001, New Edition April 2006, Ottawa, Canada
Vreni took a different approach from the dry research in archives and libraries: She is a people person, and her book is about members of the family branches who are alive today. Aside from the research in population registers all over the Kanton Zürich and beyond, she also made an effort to visit every family on her list, and to get their pictures, data and stories first hand. Her book is therefore as much photo album as genealogy book, and she covered all the branches she could locate, including several USA branches, such as in New Jersey and Oklahoma.

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