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Following is a list of other books that relate to the Zollinger family, some of which are family histories that did not need to be reproduced, while others are not actual family histories. Of all these books there is only one copy on hand, and these can therefore not be lent out. This collection is likely to expand considerably over time, as more books are continually being found.

Riders to Cibola,
Norman Zollinger, Museum of New Mexico Press, Santa Fe, 1977.
This is the most acclaimed book of author Norman Zollinger, and tells the story of a poor Mexican farmhand who worked for a wealthy rancher, and during his lifetime became a trusted partner and key supporter of the collapsing family.
Les Grandes Enigmes de notre Temps: L'affaire Ben Barka,
Jean-Claude Kerbouch, Editions de Cremille, Geneve, 1990.
This is the retelling (in French) of one of the most complex judicial cases in modern French legal history, concerning a secret Moroccan uprising against France. The key judge in the case was the Regional Supreme Judge of Marseilles, Mons. Louis Zollinger. His line goes back to an emigrant Zollinger from the Schachen farm in Oetwil, who moved to the Beaune region of France, where he became a wine merchant. There his son Henri Zollinger became one of the top judges in France, and his offspring to this day, male and female, all play a prominent role in the French judicial system.
Zullinger/Zollinger Genealogy,
by Janice Roden, Dallas, TX, Revised January, 2004
This is the story and detailed family tree in the USA of Johann Jakob Zollinger, who with his wife and five children departed from the port of Rotterdam aboard the ship "Phoenix" in 1749 to the USA. Their place of origin was Maur, Switzerland, but they are listed as coming from Niederlinxweiler, Germany. They arrived at the port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the 15th September 1749, and Jakob settled his family in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. His numerous offspring spread in the area of Chambersburg and Orrstown, Franklin Co., Pennsylvania, where the majority of Johan Jakob's descendants can still be found today. As the direct ancestors of the author Janice Roden had changed the spelling of the name to Zullinger, the book only follows the branches with that spelling. However the original immigrant Johann Jakob Zollinger is the ancestor of several other branches of Zollingers who retained the original spelling, and are thus not covered in this book.
Zollinger Marriage Records,
originally compiled by Mr. H. Schulthess, St. Gallen, Switzerland, now achived in the Staatsarchiv des Kantons Zürich , and copied by Fredi Dobler, Riedikon, CH. Compiled and bound by Marcel Zollinger, Ottawa, December 2006.
The book contains the entries of 1,196 marriage records of both male and female Zollingers who lived in the Kanton Zürich between the years 1525 and 1800. The entries, aside from marriage date and place, only give the names and places of origin, but not the names of their parents, and rarely a birth date. This information was then compared to the entries in the Zollinger data bank, and it was found that about 80% of these marriages were already contained in the file.
Sutter, the Man and his Empire
by James Peter Zollinger, Oxford University Press, New York 1939
This is a biography of Johan August Sutter, who left Burgdorf, Switzerland, and ended up in early California at a time when it was still a province of Mexico. Sutter then decided to move inland to build a fort in the Sacramento Valley, and in the process gained control over an immense area of land. But he was a showman rather than a businessman, and within a short time became so indebted that he several times almost lost his empire. Just as his fortune started to turn, a worker found gold at the construction site of his sawmill. The flood of humanity and the lawless conditions in California combined with his ineptness, with the result that Sutter lost all his properties, at a point when he could have become the richest man in America. Embittered and pennyless, he spent the rest of his life trying to sue the US government for compensation, without success.
Our Family, The Life Stories of the Zollinger and Pearl Families
by Yossi Zur, Haifa, Israel, 2007.
The author is a family historian who's family originated in Suceava, Bukovina, Romania, and his original name was Joseph Zollinger. He outlines the home and life of a Jewish family and community in Northern Romania, and the devastation that persecution and war wracked on his family. He then follows the lives of his ancestors, their escape from Romania, and their building up of a new life of hope in Israel.
(Note: The book is written in Hebrew, and unfortunately, an English translation is still not avaliable).

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